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Michigan State University
East Lansing , Michigan
Turf Grass Science

Phoenix Institute of Technology
Phoenix , Arizona
Architectural Drafting and Design
Computer Aided Drafting and Design


Andy’s diverse background is a collection of extensive hands on field experience in every aspect of golf course construction, golf course construction management and golf course agronomics which provides the Bates Golf Design Group with the well rounded dimension of quality services during the Planning, Construction and Grow-In phases. Andy has been involved with a large list of successful projects around the world.  Some of the international locations include Australia, Canada, Central America, China, Hawaii, Guam and Singapore. Domestically he has worked throughout the United State from Boston to Miami across the Deep South into the Midwest including the Southwest, Mountain States and the entire West coast from Seattle to San Diego.

During his career as a Golf Course Superintendent he was the Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Craft Farms, a 54-hole facility as well as his hands on experience with the implementation of multiple grow-in projects around the world.

The acquisition of new projects, contract administration, client relations, construction oversight, design site visits, interfacing with contractors, budgeting, irrigation operations, agronomic consultation, developing grow-in programs and recommendations, are a small list of his many responsibilities.

Andy’s experience is invaluable when it comes to any project.  With his enthusiasm he provides the Bates group with the knowledge of organizing a team that will finish within budget and on schedule.  

As projects are in the planning and development phase he will interact with Owners and Contractors, generating construction cost estimates to ensure that the design will meet the budget set forth, and preparing bid documents for the bidding process and prequalifying a list of contractors.

Andy’s skills in construction scheduling are essential to planning a successful project time line, which he will assist in the management of implementing progress schedules individually or collectively with project contractors and for the entire team.  He will make frequent site visits to ensure that the highest quality of construction is being implemented and that the intent of the design is produced in the style and spirit the Bates Golf Design Group created.  He is the Senior Agronomic advisor for the Team. 

Andrew Johnston
Vice President of Design & Construction